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Happy Earth Day!

photo credit: 91957046 via photopin (license)

photo credit: 91957046 via photopin (license)

Wondering how you can be more eco-friendly? There’s no better time to step up your game than on Earth Day, which is this Friday (April 22). Here are a few ways in which you can get the ball rolling:

Looking for some expert guidance on what kinds of eco-friendly promotional gifts or products might be a good fit for your business? Get in touch with us on Twitter and Facebook or call us at 877-881-6845 and we’ll be glad to advise you on environmentally friendly promotional products that can represent your brand with style and grace.


Hydrate with Branded Bottles

Virgin America branded water bottle getting filled at faucetYou too can keep your customers wet like Virgin America does, with eco-friendly, branded water bottles.

Ok, ok, so we all know that current FAA regulations prohibit bringing liquid with you through security in all but the smallest (3.4 ounces or less) containers. You would think that those of us who travel frequently have it down to a science, and um, most of us do, but some of us are sometimes caught off guard and have, on more than one occasion (and yes, we know, we may be sharing too much information here and losing your respect and admiration)…lost valuable beauty products due to size of containers. Ugh. Terrible. and embarrassing. And while losing a bottle of water isn’t as bad as losing miracle potions for the face, it isn’t fun, and it does happen.

Well, Virgin America has launched a campaign with branded bottles and “hydration stations” to help us cut down on use of plastic water bottles, and avoid having water bottles confiscated, thus being forced to buy ransom-priced airport water.

And now you can do the same by providing your customers and clients with branded water bottles that carry your company name or logo, that can be carried through airport security empty and filled up at the first water fountain encountered, or at obe of Virgin America’s hydration stations atSan Francisco International Airport’s Green Terminal.

You know what Madonna used to say, “Like a Virgin….”

And in case it happens to you sometimes, too, the FAA website has complete list of carry-on regulations.

Tip #7: Tasty Summer Produce

local harvest logo
Today we offer our fourth post in our series matching Lifehacker’s Top 10 Outdoor Tips for a More Pleasant Summer list with some suggestions of our own for how to increase the summer pleasure quotient of clients, customers or hard-working staff. One of our favorite things about summer is fresh, local, and tasty fruits and vegetables.
Local Harvest is a website to help you find farmers’ markets, family farms, and other sources of sustainably grown food in your area. The site also has a shop with sources for everything from Blue Swedish Duck hatching eggs (we wish we could have a chicken coop) to golden amarath seeds, a healthy gluten-free “grain” used all over the world.
And if you are looking for something in your neighborhood, enter your zip code on the site and voila: you get the locations of the farmers’ market closest to your house and the nearest restaurant serving local and/or organic foods.

And to help your clients get all those goodies home, what about a cotton sling bag with large imprint areas on both sides, that rolls up when not in use for convenient storage.

As Seen on the Streets of New York

Rain guard for bike made of plastic bottle

Some of us (and we’re not naming names or anything) can be a little cynical. The perfect antidote to cynicism is coming across something that renews one’s faith in the creativity and inventiveness of fellow human beings.

Hats off to whoever invented this plastic bottle rain guard for the back tire of a bike.

For a More Pleasant Summer Tip #9

mosquito repellent pen

Today is day two of our matching Lifehacker’s Top 10 Outdoor Tips for a More Pleasant Summer list with some suggestions of our own for how to increase the summer pleasure quotient of clients, customers or hard-working staff.


Photo Credit: James Gathany

Tip #9: Keep the Bugs Away
What about an easy to carry, all natural bug repellent “pen”? Providing a great smelling and effective combination of Citronella, Lavender and Penny Royal Oils, among other bug-distancing ingredients, and a size that fits easily into pockets or knapsacks, this is a item that will help keep your customers bite free all summer long.



A More Pleasant Summer…

image of bambooLifehacker recently posted a great Top 10 Outdoor Tips for a More Pleasant Summer list, chock full of great links on everything from how to shape the perfect burger to how to build a wood-burning hot tub for your backyard (if you have a backyard, which we don’t).

What better gift for clients, customers or hard-working staff than something to increase the pleasure quotient of their summers!

With that in mind, for each of the next ten days over the next few weeks, we’ll pair suggestions of our own with each of Lifehacker’s ten tips.


Tip #10 : Master the Art of Grilling
How about a sturdy yet pliable spatula with which to flip your burgers, and a nice long apron to keep those crackling burgers or steaks from staining your new madras shorts (or your oldest pair of jeans). You might also want to think about an all-in-one picnic set, complete with compartments for wine and salt shaker!


May is National Bike Safety Month

Ever wanted to share your passion for biking with your customers and staff? Or promote your organization or products at the same time as you encourage healthy, eco-friendly habits? May is National Bike Month and the perfect opportunity to encourage your staff and customers to start pedaling! And better yet, start pedaling safely and comfortably with our wide-selection custom branded bike products.

And for a view into the future (maybe) check out this lightweight flexible bike lock by TiGR. It’s not on the market yet so we haven’t tried it, but in form and function the “Titanium Lock as Cool as your Bike” looks very promising. Even if your bike isn’t that cool.

And for a charming view into the past check Cyclist’s Special produced by the British Rail film board in 1955.

Inspired? Want to participate in a Bike Month special event in your zip code? Find Bike Month Events from the League of American Bicyclists.

Happy Earth Day!

Kermit was wrong… it’s easy bein’ green!  If you’re looking for ways to get green with your branding and promotional campaigns look no further. We have a range of eco-friendly promotional items from sustainable and biodegradable to organic and everything in between. Get in touch with us and we’ll help you find items that work with your message or brand.

For ideas on how you can get involved in the solutions to the problems facing our planet, head over to US EPA’s- Earth Day site, or Wiki How’s Celebrate Earthday page.

But don’t let it end there: Earth Day should be every day.

Happy Earth Day from Branding Ideas℠!

Warning Signs: Innovative T-Shirt Detects Pollution

We all remember Hypercolor clothes, right? Those tacky t-shirts everyone wore in grade school that just begged to be slapped as you walked down the hall to class. Well, grad students Sue Ngo and Nien Lam of the Interactive Telecommunications Program at New York University, have taken the concept to practical, and eco-friendly new heights with their “Warning Signs” sweatshirts. Emblazoned with a pair of lungs or a heart that change color when there’s air pollution in the immediate vicinity, the shirts use censor embedded technology in the fabric to detect high carbon monoxide levels in the air.  What’s next? According to one report, the pair are considering a breathalyzer shirt to detect alcohol level.  These designers are at the forefront of a growing field of wearable technology and e-textiles and there’s only more to come.

USB 101: Eco-Friendly Flash Drives

As we mentioned in our ECO Cheat Sheet last spring, eco-friendly promotional items are on the rise, and as USB flash drives become more and more popular, the need for eco-friendly drives is also increasing. But what are the things you should look for or ask about when searching for USB drives that aren’t harsh on the environment? Toxins like lead, mercury, cadium and other elements used in electronic components are harmful to the environment, so look for USB manufacturers who use lead-free solders, which decompose more easily and are often the same quality and price as standard drives. They also pose less of a health risk to factory workers who manufacture the drives. Contact Branding Ideas to find out what eco-friendly USB drives area available to meet your needs.