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Hydrate with Branded Bottles

Virgin America branded water bottle getting filled at faucetYou too can keep your customers wet like Virgin America does, with eco-friendly, branded water bottles.

Ok, ok, so we all know that current FAA regulations prohibit bringing liquid with you through security in all but the smallest (3.4 ounces or less) containers. You would think that those of us who travel frequently have it down to a science, and um, most of us do, but some of us are sometimes caught off guard and have, on more than one occasion (and yes, we know, we may be sharing too much information here and losing your respect and admiration)…lost valuable beauty products due to size of containers. Ugh. Terrible. and embarrassing. And while losing a bottle of water isn’t as bad as losing miracle potions for the face, it isn’t fun, and it does happen.

Well, Virgin America has launched a campaign with branded bottles and “hydration stations” to help us cut down on use of plastic water bottles, and avoid having water bottles confiscated, thus being forced to buy ransom-priced airport water.

And now you can do the same by providing your customers and clients with branded water bottles that carry your company name or logo, that can be carried through airport security empty and filled up at the first water fountain encountered, or at obe of Virgin America’s hydration stations atSan Francisco International Airport’s Green Terminal.

You know what Madonna used to say, “Like a Virgin….”

And in case it happens to you sometimes, too, the FAA website has complete list of carry-on regulations.

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