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ECO Chic: Bamboo

Flooring, clothing, building materials, furnishings, bedding, towels, rugs, you name it. Bamboo is fast becoming one of the most popular, eco-friendly materials. The reason bamboo is so eco-friendly is because it can be grown quickly without the use of environmentally unsound pesticides, fertilizers, or even natural resources like water. Bamboo also releases more oxygen into the atmosphere than other plants. Some of the perks: bamboo is moisture resistant and sturdier than many more conventional flooring woods, so it’s not only green, but practical too. Bamboo fabrics aren’t as environmentally sound as other bamboo-made products, but it’s still preferable to cotton.

Branding IdeasSM is committed to getting the word out about bamboo, and we offer a ton of eco-friendly, bamboo-made products: everything from beach towels, which are perfect for the summer, to robes and socks, to cookware and coasters. And our featured bamboo item, is our single shoot pot set, which includes a 6″ bamboo shoot, 3″ 100% biodegradable bamboo fiber pot, and 1 lb. of assorted-color polished rock filler.

Need some more bamboo-related or other green ideas? Drop us a line or check out our eco-friendly promotional products!

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