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5 Types of Holiday Gift Sets That Your Clients and Employees Will Enjoy

Are you ready for the holiday season? Looking for a great corporate gift or special present for your employees, clients, or business partners? Holiday gift sets are a good choice for this occasion. From trendy Moscow Mule gift sets to tech gift packs for the gadget obsessed, you can find something great that everyone will enjoy.

Here are gift set ideas that are especially popular this time of year, with suggestions on who they’d be a good fit for. If you’re trying to decide which direction to go in, we find that it’s usually most effective to select a gift that matches your company’s messaging or a specific theme you may be working with (for an event like a holiday party, for example). We specialize in helping companies figure out what works best for them, so don’t hesitate to reach out to us at the contact points listed below for a conversation about your needs and how we can be of help.

#1. Moscow Mule Mug Gift Set 


Craft beer and mixology have become very popular in recent years, and the Moscow Mule cocktail features them both. It’s a lovely warming cocktail, perfect for winter, and our gift set has everything needed to for two people to enjoy it while relaxing over the holidays. This would be a great pick for clients or colleagues who have a special interest in spirits or craft beer.

#2. Hot Sauce Gift Sethot-sauce-gift-setLots of folks, especially but not only people from the South, enjoy having hot sauce on hand to enhance the flavor of a dish. A hot sauce gift set such as this one that includes cayenne hot sauce, spicy salsa, and barbecue sauce will be especially appreciated by someone who prefers their food with a kick. With your logo prominently and tastefully showcased, it’ll be a nice reminder of your company every time they reach for a dash of something spicy.

#3. Moleskine® Writer’s Gift Set


It’s not always about the food and drink—some of your clients or employees may have a special fondness for writing and fine stationery. For those who enjoy the written word, a Moleskine® Writer’s Gift Set is an especially fitting choice. It features a pair of notebooks, one for more extensive journal writing or note-taking and another, smaller version that’s great for jotting down thoughts on the go.


#4. Tech Accessory Gift Set


These days, everybody has a gadget or device they’re keeping charged or synced up while working or going about their daily lives. A tech accessory gift set fully equipped with the tools they need to stay connected is a perfect corporate or promotional gift for the holidays since it’s so useful. This one (above) features retractable ear buds and a handy power bank, but there are plenty of other combinations including power banks and car chargers, power banks and key chains, and complete mobile charging sets.

#5. Gift Baskets


When selecting a corporate gift for a client’s office or team, you may want to pick something that provides a little something for everyone so no one feels left out. A gift basket is good for this kind of situation. You can pick one that includes a pair of mugs, some tasty candy and cookies, and coffee or tea. There are even versions that include travel mugs for sipping a drink while traveling


Wondering if there are other kinds of gift sets that might be a good choice for holiday corporate gifts or a holiday event you have in mind? Don’t hesitate to reach out to us for advice. If you could benefit from some creative and collaborative brainstorming, we’d be happy to share some recommendations. Connect with us on Twitter and Facebook or call us at 877-881-6845 and we’ll be glad to advise you on custom branded promotional products that can represent your brand with style and grace.

Top 10 Winter Promotional Gifts

Halloween is in the books, and that means we are heading directly into the festive winter season. Holiday decorations are already going up here in New York! As the season revs up, you may be wondering how to decide what promotional gifts to pick for your staff, clients, and business partners. As we often say, promotional products are especially popular when they are useful—and gifts that are perfectly suited to winter are more likely to be appreciated for seasons to come. With that in mind, here are the top ten winter promotional gifts that we recommend for the blustery months ahead!
Top 10 Winter Promotional Gifts: 
#1. Blankets. Ask a busy professional to picture their dream winter vacation and chances are it involves a fireplace and a cozy blanket? Blankets are a crowd-pleaser. Cozy, snuggly, and comforting, they make a thoughtful winter gift for your valued employees and treasured customers.
mug#2. Mugs. As the temperatures drop, your customers will probably reach for a mug of hot tea or cocoa to keep warm. A high quality mug with your branding on it is a thoughtful gift they’ll appreciate for years to come, whether they’re enjoying a cuppa at home at breakfast time or sipping some green tea at the office.  
candle#3. Candles. If your customers and employees could add one item to that cozy winter scene, it would probably be a candle. They’re relaxing, lovely, often fragrant, and create a perfect atmosphere for the holidays.
ice-scraper#4. Ice scrapers. If you like in a cold climate like we do here in the Northeast, then you know anybody who drives needs a trusty ice scraper to get them up and running after a snow or ice storm. Business partners and customers will appreciate having one of these on hand, compliments of your company, as winter approaches.
gloves#5. Gloves. If your clients are going outside to scrape the ice off their windshield, chances are they’re going to need a nice pair of gloves too! They’re essential for protecting our hands from the elements in the dead of winter.
#6. Lip Balm. As the weather gets colder and drier, your clients, staff, and business partners may find the delicate skin on their lips is prone to chapping or even cracking. Lip balm comes in very handy on freezing, blustering days and is particularly useful for travel.
#7. Hand sanitizer. Cold and flu season is already well underway. Hand sanitizers are handy for guarding against seasonal bugs, especially since they’re so convenient and portable. They make a great promotional gift since they show care and concern for your clients’ and employees’ well-being.
#8. Beanie caps. When it’s frigid outside, beanie caps keep your clients’ ears and heads warm. Whether they’re out running errands or catching a football game, a tasteful logo will on the cap will be a positive reminder of your business. 
fleece-jacket#9. Fleece Jackets. These are very convenient to have when winter rolls around, as they keep the wearer toasty and comfortable even in cold weather. Fleece jackets are a great choice for both men and women, and they come in a range of styles and colors—even co-branded fleece jackets from the popular outdoors brand Columbia are available.
scarf#10. Scarves. As soon as the season changes, you’ll see people donning scarves before heading outside. Scarves are a practical means of staying warm as well as an elegant fashion statement. As a corporate gift, they can also be an elegant reminder of your business.

Wondering if there are other promotional products that might be a good fit for a winter campaign or holiday event you have in mind? Don’t hesitate to reach out to us for advice. If you could benefit from some creative and collaborative brainstorming, we’d be happy to share some recommendations. Connect with us on Twitter and Facebook or call us at 877-881-6845 and we’ll be glad to advise you on custom branded promotional products that can represent your brand with style and grace.

Surprise and Delight with the Right Gift This Holiday Season

Thoughtful Gift

photo credit: Present via photopin (license)

With the arrival of the holiday season, many businesses are beginning to plan holiday parties and end-of-year festivities. You may also be thinking of giving gifts around this time of year. Gifts are a wonderful way to improve employee morale, reward someone for a job well done, show appreciation to a client, or simply to keep your business top of mind in a tasteful way. Though a well-timed and well-chosen gift can be a wonderful gesture, there are a few guidelines worth considering so that your expression of appreciation is well received.

Be Thoughtful and Aware

  • When writing the card to go with the gift, make sure to spell the recipient’s name correctly. You’d be surprised how often people miss getting this part right.
  • Consider the gift’s suitability for the recipient. You want to be sure that the gift will be well received and that it will be a match for them. Does the person have dietary restrictions, for example? If so, make sure the gift is suitable from that standpoint.
  • If you are gift giving across cultures, it is worth taking a moment to read up on the gift giving practices in the recipient’s culture. You could find that the cultural norms are quite different from your own. If you feel it is appropriate and comfortable to do so, you might gently ask if there are specific types of gifts that most interest the person to whom you’d like to give a gift.
  • Consider a charitable gift to honor an employee or client. This can be a great way to show appreciation for someone while also making a positive difference in the world.

Give the Right Impression

  • Above all, when giving a gift, particularly to a client, make sure that it could not be construed as a bribe. There should be no expectation of business, favors, or special consideration in return for the gift.
  • Depending on your industry, there may be specific rules and regulations governing gift giving and when it is permitted. If you think your business may be regulated in this way, make sure to familiarize yourself with the appropriate rules.
  • Some companies have set price ranges for gifts or have banned gift-giving altogether. Check with your company’s HR team to see what the policies are.
  • Timing is everything: to avoid the appearance of an ulterior motive, don’t give your gift during a sensitive business exchange. For example, giving a gift to a client during contract negotiations would be considered inappropriate. Likewise, giving a gift to an employee in lieu of a raise at the time of a promotion might not send the right message.

Are you wondering how you can surprise and delight someone with the right gift this holiday season? We’d be happy to recommend some fitting choices that will thoughtfully express your appreciation. Reach out to us on Twitter and Facebook—or call us at 877-881-6845 and we’ll be glad to advise on ways you can make a positive impression through well selected gifts.

Umbrella Facts from Pres. Lincoln to Tiki

You may already know that umbrellas have been around for thousands of years in one form or another, but did you know these interesting umbrella facts?

  • John Wilkes Booth asked President Lincoln for a few bucks to buy an umbrella in 1864
  • The history of cocktail or tiki umbrellas is unclear, but started in the early 20th century
  • It took thousands of years of making umbrellas before the folding umbrella was created in 1928
  • There’s an umbrella cover museum on an island off the Maine coast
  • The market for umbrellas in the U.S. is around $350 million/year

Want more facts? Well, there’s more over at The Atlantic in their article 11 Interesting things about the umbrella.

I wonder if there are any facts on how many umbrellas get left-behind on the subway or in restaurants and stores?  Anyway, if you’re in search of custom promotional umbrellas give us a shout.

Calendar of Events: August

Branding Ideas has been compiling monthly lists of possible occasions worth celebrating this summer. Remember to always seek out holidays and special occasions that fit with your business’s brand and message. August is Black Business Month, so if you’re a black business owner, now is the perfect time to toot your own horn and celebrate your success by offering a special promotion to long-time customers or just use it as an excuse to promote your brand or new product. August is also Children’s Eye Health & Safety Month and National Immunization Awareness Month, so if your business is directly related to children, this is a great month to help spread the word about health, safety and immunization while at the same time gaining exposure for your brand. Here are August’s other weekly and daily observances:

August 2nd – 8th National Clown Week
August 2nd – 8th Single Working Women’s Week
August 4th National Night Out
August 7th Professional Speakers Day
August 8th – 16th Elvis Week
August 16th – 22nd National Aviation Week
August 21st Senior Citizen’s Day
August 25th – 31st Be Kind to Humankind Week

Calendar of Events: July

Branding Ideas has been compiling monthly lists of possible occasions worth celebrating this summer. Remember to always seek out holidays and special occasions that fit with your business’s brand and message. Not surprisingly, July is National Grilling Month and National Hot Dog Month, but did you know it’s also Social Wellness Month and Women’s Motorcycle Month? If any of those occasions spark an idea for a special promotion or marketing strategy, run with it! Or drop us a line for some help in coming up with ideas for how to celebrate. National Baby Food Week starts July 21st and Moby Dick Week beings July 31st. Daily observances include National Hug Your Kid Day (July 20th) and National Day of the Cowboy (July 25th). Unfortunately, today is the last day of Be Kind to New Jersey Week, but keep our Garden State friends in mind for next year!

Calendar of Events: June

As we mentioned in our last post, summer isn’t the time of year when clients, suppliers or customers expect corporate gifts, which means that if you do decide to use the season as an opportunity to launch a special promotion or just send out a special thank-you to your most valuable associates, it could potentially have an even bigger impact. Branding Ideas has decided to compile a list of possible occasions worth celebrating this summer. Some of them are downright silly, and you should seek out holidays and special occasions that fit with your business’s brand and message. For example, June 5th is World Environment Day, which is the perfect opportunity to explore all of the great eco-friendly promotional and gift ideas we talked about during the weeks leading up to Earth Day last month. June also marks observances for Fireworks Safety, Gay & Lesbian Pride, Great Outdoors, National Safety, Professional Wellness, and Student Saftey. Here’s a list of daily and weekly observances that might give you some new ideas:

June 5th World Environment Day
June 7th National Cancer Survivors Day
June 7th – 15th National Automotive Service Professionals Week
June 11th Nurses Assistants Day
June 11th – 18th Nursing Assistants Week
June 14th Family History Day
June 14th – 20th National Flag Week
June 15th Native American Citizenship Day
June 15th – 21st Men’s Health Week
June 21st Father’s Day
June 21st World Humanist Day
June 23rd Public Service Day

Need some ideas for how to celebrate? Drop us a line!