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August Holidays, Events, and Awareness Dates to Keep on Your Radar

August is almost here, and with it, the height of summer. A lot of folks are enjoying well-deserved vacations, and many of us are also beginning planning for back to school. The much-anticipated Rio Olympics are also about to kick off as well, sure to thrill sports and athletics observers alike. As we enjoy the remaining weeks of these long, lazy summer days before Labor Day and the beginning of fall, here are some great opportunities to keep your business or organization top of mind with clients and business partners all month long. These are some upcoming holidays, events, and awareness dates coming up that you might want to have on your radar for promotional campaigns and giveaways—from quirky, fun occasions to more serious, meaningful remembrances.


Holidays, Events, and Awareness Days

August 5-21 – Rio Olympics 2016

The 2016 Summer Games are about to kick off in Rio, bringing thrilling athletic events to our Internet feeds and TVs. No doubt, sports fans will be excited to watch their favorite athletes compete on the world stage. Planning on following the Games? Get into the spirit with some Olympic style medals of your own or even a USOC Olympic car flag.

August 7 – Purple Heart Day

First created by General George Washington to recognize soldiers for exceptional military valor, and also considered the first military combat badge of the United States, the Purple Heart is still awarded to those who have served our country with great distinction and honor. If you know someone who has received a Purple Heart, it’s a fitting occasion to thank them for their service.

August 9 – National Book Lovers Day

Making progress on your summer reading list? Know someone who’s a bookworm? This annual observance day gives you carte blanche to find a cozy nook or a comfortable spot under a tree and while away the hours immersed in a good book. Treat the book lovers you know with some thoughtful book accessories including book lights, bookmarks, and bookends.

August 19 – World Humanitarian Day

First created by the United Nations in recognition of the 2003 bombing of the UN headquarters in Baghdad, Iraq, World Humanitarian Day is an opportunity to recognize the bravery of those who put themselves at risk in order to help others. It’s also a fitting occasion to note the importance and transformative impact of humanitarian work across the globe.

August 21 – Senior Citizens Day

Each year on August 21, Senior Citizens Day creates awareness about the importance of supporting America’s senior citizens and recognizing their achievements. Created by President Ronald Reagan in 1988, it is also intended to raise awareness about the social, health, and economic issues affecting senior citizens.

August 26 – Women’s Equality Day

We’ve all heard of International Women’s Day, but Women’s Equality Day is likely less well-known. Created in 1971, it commemorates the 1920 passage of the 19th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, enfranchising women with the right to vote. It’s a great opportunity to recognize the strides women have made in participating in public life.

Awareness Weeks August 2016

August 1-7: Simplify Your Life Week. Have you been getting into the KonMari method of reducing clutter, originally popularized by Marie Kondo? Well then you might be interested in Simplify Your Life Week. Not only is it about eliminating clutter from your life, but in removing the obstacles that keep you from fully enjoying each day.

August 25-31: Be Kind to Humankind Week. These days, we all could use a little kindness in our lives. Be Kind to Humankind Week is an annual global celebration of kindness during which we can take steps to create a kinder world together. Here are our tips on how you can practice kindness and make small contributions of your own.

Awareness Months August 2016

– Family Fun Month

As a lot of families get ready to go on vacation or just spend some quality time together, Family Fun Month is a great occasion to celebrate the fun of being with family and creating some lasting memories—whether that’s exploring the outdoors, hanging out at home, or taking a trip.

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