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The History of Administrative Professionals Week

1950s reception deskAs we mentioned on our recent post, April Holidays, Events, and Awareness Dates to Keep on Your Radar, April is chock full of special events and awareness dates worth making a note of. One such event, set to take place later this month, is Administrative Professionals Week. Running from April 24 – April 30, with Administrative Professionals Day placed in the middle of that week (Wednesday, April 27), it’s a perfect opportunity to recognize the hard work and talent of the administrative professionals at your company and the many ways in which they support your business success.

How Administrative Professionals Week Got Started

Administrative Professionals Day began back in 1952, as Secretaries Day, which was part of National Secretaries Week. It was originally created to celebrate the important contributions of secretaries to the economy and encourage more women to join the profession during a postwar shortage in the US. While secretaries were typically women, in the following decades men slowly started joining the profession. Today, both men and women are among the proud administrative professionals and executive administrators.

Recognizing Administrative Professionals Today

In 2000, the name of the holiday was updated to Administrative Professionals Day (and Week) to reflect the expanded job responsibilities and additional roles that administrative professionals have taken on in the current business landscape. Businesses and organizations use the occasion to celebrate the many contributions of their staff of secretaries, administrative assistants, receptionists, and other administrative support staff with cards, flowers, or lunches. Other gift ideas that would be fitting might include a desk set, or an award or plaque if they have served in their position for a long time or with particular distinction.

Gratitude Goes a Long Way

Though our work lives are often fast-paced, it’s often worth taking a moment to share gratitude with our colleagues and those around us. In fact, expressing gratitude and engaging in thoughtful acts of kindness can benefit us just as much as the people whose days we seek to brighten. Administrative Professionals Week, as well as other special events taking place throughout the month of April, is a perfectly good excuse to do just that.

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