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Mindfulness and Gratitude Amidst the Frenzied Thanksgiving Shopping Season

Thanksgivingbrandingideas-thanksgiving-2016 is nearly here, and right after we’ll be observing a cluster of related events—many of which are consumer-focused, some of which are oriented towards social good: Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday, and Giving Tuesday. If you’re feeling a little overwhelmed at this moment, trying to figure out where you should be focusing your attention, don’t feel bad. A lot of people are! Here at branding ideas℠, we’re here to help you make sense of the dizzying area of events that are coming up so you can figure out which ones to participate in, as well as how to stay balanced and centered amidst the holiday frenzy.


Black Friday. This annual shopping megathon has become rather notorious for its focus on hyper-consumerism, and each year people get really worked up and stressed out trying to find deals on products they want to buy. It doesn’t have to be this way, however. You can use this post-Thanksgiving period to instead engage in mindfulness and emotionally prepare for the holiday season so that the hustle and bustle doesn’t define your experience. 

Small Business Saturday. If you are a small business, then it may be worth your while to participate in the yearly #ShopSmall campaign that encourages consumers to patronize their local businesses, thereby stimulating the local economy rather than sending their hard-earned money off to giant big box retailers. Small Business Saturday has a special appeal in that it fosters a sense of local community, which can be beneficial to everyone’s well-being.


Cyber Monday. The online counterpart to traditionally brick-and-mortar Black Friday, Cyber Monday is another massive shopping event. Some major chains are even unveiling their coveted deals a few days in advance, heightening the anticipation around the day. However, as with Black Friday, it’s wise to consider indulging yourself in a different way—with a mindful approach to spending that curbs unnecessary purchases. That way you can be sure that the items you buy will truly add meaning and joy to your life and others’ lives.

Giving Tuesday. Thanksgiving is all about gratitude, and Giving Tuesday aims to put that sentiment into action. You can help others by donating your time (as a volunteer), donations, or even goods to a social justice cause of your choice. Here at branding ideas℠, we have a related tradition (going on 10 years strong now!) in which we pick three or four charities each year and ask our clients to vote on the ones they’d like us to donate to. We then donate our charitable giving budget based on the breakdown of the vote tally.


Whatever your business or focus in work, this is a perfect time of year to take a brief pause and experience the gratitude of the season, then take mindful steps to express it to others with charitable giving or thoughtfully selected gifts. We at branding ideas℠ are your consultative partners, ready to make the process of choosing corporate holiday gifts smooth and even enjoyable.


Are you wondering how your company, nonprofit, school, association, or other organization can reward and acknowledge your staff, colleagues, business partners, clients, or honorees with the right gift this holiday season? Let us help you choose appropriate items for your organization that will thoughtfully express your gratitude and appreciation. Check out our holiday board on Pinterest, reach out to us on Twitter and Facebook, or call us at 877-881-6845. We’ll be glad to advise on ways you can make a positive impression through well selected gifts.