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Where Tweet Meets Seat

We stumbled across Chris McNicholl’s TweetingSeat at modern design site Design Milk. TweetingSeat is “an interactive park bench which is designed to explore the potential for connecting digital and physical communities.” The bench takes photos of its environment and users and uploads them to a live Twitter feed. McNicholl’s interactive installation encourages users to interact with other users and communities in a cool and novel way. It makes us wonder what other ways we can fuse digital and physical to promote brands and ideas.

History Channel Goes Underground

We’ve all heard the urban myth about alligators in the New York City sewer system. Well, the History Channel got in on the action recently with a creative campaign designed to boost interest in its new primetime show Swamp People. The cable network staged a marketing effort that resembled something like an art installation, with a miniature alligator crawling out of a manhole and pedestrian barriers adorned with the History Channel logo and the airtime of the new program. We thought this was a novel way to reach New Yorkers, who are constantly bombarded with marketing everywhere they go. It’s unique, attention-grabbing and consistent with the network’s education-meets-entertainment philosophy and brand.

Pixar Goes Viral

Disney’s Pixar has unveiled a fake TV commercial, purportedly from 1983, promoting a new character from Toy Story 3, Lots-o’-Huggin’ Bear. Branding Ideas thought this was a clever way to introduce the new character as well as the latest in the animated franchise, following 1995’s Toy Story and 1999’s Toy Story 2, which grossed a combined $437 million in the U.S. Audiences can see Lots-o’-Huggin’ Bear in action on the big screen on June 18th.

Extreme Marketing

We’ve always encouraged people to think outside the box, and video game developer THQ has done just that. The company launched the latest installment in its popular first-person shooter game “Red Fraction,” titled “Red Fraction: Guerilla in London,” by taking the guerilla to the extreme. THQ’s promotions department placed 100 copies of the new game inside a parked car on a busy London street and allowed passers by to smash the windows with a sledgehammer and walk away with a free copy of the game. Simon Watts, THQ’s PR manager, explained: “Because ‘Red Faction Guerrilla’ features the world’s most realistic destruction engine, we thought that it would make for an interesting experiment to find out how many people, going about their everyday business, would stop in a busy city street to work out some stress by smashing their way into a car to earn a copy of the brand new game.” Makes complete sense, right? Either way, the extreme promotion seems to have worked, because we’re talking about it. What can your business do (that’s preferably a tiny bit safer!) to get people talking?

Partner Power

“Economical” is the new eco. Finding ways to successfully promote your business or product without breaking the bank should be every good businessperson’s main objective in 2009. And whose boss or client doesn’t like to hear the phrase “very low budget”?

Branding Ideas has been thinking about some ways you can maximize exposure for your business or product while at the same time minimizing risk. There are certain industries who experience a boon during difficult economic times, and one of them is entertainment, specifically the movie business. If you’ve gone to your local multiplex recently, or even if you’ve been staying in with Netflix, you’ve undoubtedly noticed that the opening credits of many new films have included a litany of production companies. That’s because film studios have learned that partnering with so-called competitors is economically shrewd and can often be a recipe for big success.

Now, we’re not suggesting you partner with your arch nemesis, but finding a charity or business that complements what you’re selling (for example, a greeting card store partnering with a local flower shop) to start a campaign–whether it’s advertising, guerilla or even an event sponsorship–can minimize the cost and garner double exposure!