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“Economical” is the new eco. Finding ways to successfully promote your business or product without breaking the bank should be every good businessperson’s main objective in 2009. And whose boss or client doesn’t like to hear the phrase “very low budget”?

Branding Ideas has been thinking about some ways you can maximize exposure for your business or product while at the same time minimizing risk. There are certain industries who experience a boon during difficult economic times, and one of them is entertainment, specifically the movie business. If you’ve gone to your local multiplex recently, or even if you’ve been staying in with Netflix, you’ve undoubtedly noticed that the opening credits of many new films have included a litany of production companies. That’s because film studios have learned that partnering with so-called competitors is economically shrewd and can often be a recipe for big success.

Now, we’re not suggesting you partner with your arch nemesis, but finding a charity or business that complements what you’re selling (for example, a greeting card store partnering with a local flower shop) to start a campaign–whether it’s advertising, guerilla or even an event sponsorship–can minimize the cost and garner double exposure!

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