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Holiday Gift-Giving Part Two: Gifts for the Gourmand


As the holidays draw near, you may be searching for a special gift that your clients or colleagues will appreciate. Last week we shared some great tech gifts that digitally-minded folks might enjoy; this week we’d like to introduce gifts for gourmet food lovers or those with a sweet tooth. When you’re not sure exactly what type of present would be most appreciated, a special or indulgent gourmet treat is often a fine option (just be sure to confirm it fits with any dietary restrictions your recipient may be observing, of course). Here are a few tasty options that food aficionados will love:

  1. Chocolate truffles – Want to give your colleague or client something truly indulgent? You likely can’t go wrong with chocolate truffles. While chocolate itself is a popular option, truffles (particularly those made from Belgian chocolate) up the ante on decadence with their delicious, luxurious taste.
  2. Gourmet cookies – Always a crowd-pleaser, gourmet cookies are a fine choice for a holiday treat. They especially make a great gift for a client, who can then share them with colleagues at the office. You can choose from collector tins, brightly wrapped bags, or attractive gift boxes when picking the assortment of cookies that you think your recipient will most enjoy.
  3. Fine cheeses – Many gourmet food lovers appreciate a nice cheese tray, which is ideal for entertaining during the holiday season. Whet their appetite with a gourmet cheese set. Many cheese platters come with attractive cutting boards and serving utensils, ready to enjoy upon arrival.
  4. Food towers – Another great gift option for food lovers is a food tower filled to the brim with a carefully selected assortment of treats like Belgian chocolates, truffles, nuts, dried fruit, pretzels, and even biscotti or licorice. With an array of tasty bites like that, there will be something delicious for everyone to savor.

Looking for more holiday gift ideas? Check out our holiday gift board on Pinterest for additional inspiration. Also stay tuned for the next post in our holiday gift-giving series, in which we’ll introduce gifts for writing aficionados. And if you have a special case that might benefit from some creative brainstorming, we’d be happy to recommend some tasteful holiday gift choices for the occasion. Reach out to us on Twitter and Facebook—or call us at 877-881-6845 and we’ll be glad to advise on ways you can share your holiday spirit through well selected gifts.