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4 Ways to Boost Your Social Wellness

photo credit: Help via photopin (license)

photo credit: Help via photopin (license)

What does wellness mean to you? Often, we think about it in terms of physical health—getting enough exercise, proper nutrition, and of course a good night’s sleep. But there’s a lot more to wellness and even happiness than just those key ingredients. July is Social Wellness Month: an opportunity to focus on social relationships and how they make a difference in the way we enjoy our lives. Our connectedness with others plays a huge role in our health and productivity, so it’s worth taking some steps to better promote that closeness.

In honor of Social Wellness Month, here are some ideas for enjoying better social wellbeing:

  • Really listen to your friends. One of the best ways to show a friend or loved one we care is to listen, really listen, to what they are saying—whether it’s something that they’re excited about or something that’s bothering them. It’s an act of kindness that draws people closer together.
  • Spend quality time with a pet. As avid pet parents know, pets can bring a lot of joy into our lives. In fact, pet parents typically experience less stress than folks who do not have pets in their home. If you have a dog, taking him or her for a walk is also a great way to meet some other people who share a common interest—fellow pet parents. Or, if you have a brick-and-mortar business, you can be more pet-friendly to the community by putting out a pet bowl full of water or give out pet goodies to the friendly dogs that wander by. Their humans will surely appreciate it and remember your thoughtfulness!
  • Join a local community group. If you’re feeling disconnected from others, one way to bridge the gap is by joining a local group where you can meet people who share your interests and values. This could be anything from a volunteer organization through which you tutor kids to a community historical association. People feel a sense of harmony when working together toward a common goal. If you pitch in, you’ll likely feel a sense of connectedness and accomplishment.
  • Join an exercise group. This one offers twice the usual wellness benefits: by joining a running group, for example, you can meet some great new friends (or even business networking contacts—that’s always a possibility as well) while taking care of your body and enjoying the thrill of a good run (don’t forget your sunscreen and exercise accessories!).

Are you thinking of offering a campaign or giveaway that focuses on wellness or social wellbeing? There are a lot of ways branded promotional items can play a strong supporting role. Get in touch with us on Twitter and Facebook or call us at 877-881-6845 and we’ll be glad to advise you on exceptional promotional products that can represent your brand with style and grace.

Happy National Bike Month!

Bike MonthDid you know that May is National Bike Month? Established in 1956, it’s a yearly event in which bicycling enthusiasts are encouraged to promote the many benefits that bicycling offers and invite those around them, who may not have really tried much biking before, to give it a spin. National Bike Safety Month, which is also celebrated in May, is a great companion event that puts a special focus on the importance of bike safety.

In honor of National Bike Month, we’d like to share some of the best reasons to get on your bike and go for a ride today:

  • Biking is heart-healthy and helps you lose weight. Biking just 20 miles a week can reduce your risk of coronary disease by 50%! It’s also an excellent, low-friction way to shed a few pounds you may have gained while hibernating this winter.
  • Biking increases your levels of vitamin D. If your doctor is telling you to get more vitamin D, biking is a great and completely natural way to check that off your to do list. Getting more vitamin D in your system can improve your mood and help reduce the likelihood of heart disease and cancer.
  • Biking to work saves you money. Especially if you live in a large metro area like New York, where we’re based, biking to work saves you plenty of money on transportation costs—whether that’s subway and bus fares or gas for your car. In fact, biking more often instead of hopping in the car can reduce wear and tear on your car. Curious to try it out? There’s no better excuse than National Bike to Work Day, which is coming up on May 20.
  • Biking makes you feel fantastic. Just like runners get in the flow state, in which they feel a great sense of calm and happiness as an endorphin rush kicks in, cyclists often report that after a few minutes of riding they begin to feel terrific. And, as with many forms of exercise, biking can ease stress and help you get to sleep more easily at night.
  • Biking gives you a sense of freedom. Here in America, there’s this mystique about driving a car on the open road. It’s said to give us a sense of freedom and independence. Well, the same thing applies to biking! Going wherever your heart takes you, on your own power, is an immensely freeing experience.
  • Biking helps you appreciate your surroundings. Sometimes life moves too fast, and biking is a great way to stop and appreciate the world around you. If you don’t know your neighborhood or area so well, taking a tour on your bike is a great way to get to know it. Biking can stimulate a sense of curiosity in you, adding to your overall sense of creativity and well-being.

bike_month_web_900x900Are you interested in getting started with bicycling, or do you know someone who might want to give it a try? Check out our full line of bicycle accessories including bicycle helmets, bicycle seat covers, sports bottles, and bicycle bells. If you’re interested in promoting bike safety, we have a number of products focused on that topic too, such as bike safety books, bike lights, and clip-on LED reflector safety lights.

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