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In Appreciation of the Trusty, Dependable Umbrella

BD115C0F-A35E-41D7-978F-D8B7C2114911Did you know that March is National Umbrella Month? Indeed it is, and as it so happens, as I am writing this post it’s been a bit rainy and dreary day here lately in New York, so maybe there’s something to this idea of umbrellas getting some recognition as we transition from winter to spring. Pretty soon we will be arriving in April showers territory, so if you’re not yet stocked up with umbrellas to keep you dry during the rainy season, you may want to take a moment to pick out one or two that appeal to you.

The roots of one word we associate with the umbrella, “parasol,” reveal some interesting history about these accessories we’ve used to protect us from the elements. While para means to stop or shield and sol refers to the sun, linking the parasol pretty directly to its current purpose of protecting its bearer against the sun, the French parapluie is meant to do the same for rain – para again protects and blocks, and pluie refers to the rain. According to Wikipedia, collapsible umbrellas have existed in some form as far back as ancient China, where they may have first been used for ceremonial purposes. Who knew the humble umbrella had such a long and distinguished pedigree?

T4430E89A-8456-4786-BE6C-91E7C933DEF7oday, we still rely on umbrellas to shelter us from the weather when the rain and wind decide to kick up, as they do from time to time. They come in all different forms: compact, hand-held versions, golf umbrellas, vented wind-resistant umbrellas, fashion umbrellas, and even majestic, broad canopies that lend a sense of pomp as you stroll down the street. Here in the Big Apple, it’s not uncommon to see scores of ubiquitous cheap black umbrellas, upended and broken, in curbside wastebaskets after they’ve been overcome by the wind. Even though it’s a bit wasteful, their apparent popularity (no doubt tied to their friendly price point) is enduring.

As the season transitions into spring, it’s always good to keep tabs on the weather, whether that’s through your app of choice or the local news. If soggy showers are in your future, it’s better to know so you can be prepared. It’s thoughtful to give umbrellas away as gifts—they are often popular since they’re so useful and come in handy when skies darken. If your business or its product happens to be directly connected to rainfall, it’s also smart to consider giving out a rain gauge as a gift so that customers will keep you top of mind as they mark this year’s rainfall.

Stay dry as the rainy days approach, and enjoy the spring that’s not far behind!

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