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July got off to a Late Start…

lenticular luggage tag

Near the start of each month, we like to write about celebrations, commemorations, awareness campaigns and the like that are approaching. Well, we sort of missed the boat in July. We were standing at the dock, we were ready, lifejackets in one hand, picnic basket in the other, but then we blinked and suddenly the month is half gone.

July is Independence Day, July 4, here in the United States and we really are in the United States (remember the New Yorker cartoon: “On the internet, no one knows you’re a dog”?). We apologize.

If you are looking for an especially red white and blue item, check out these stars and stripes backpacks and bags.

space themed luggage tag

And speaking of bags, what about a lenticular luggage tag with colorful changing stars. Your company name or logo travels around the world for free, and your clients and customers won’t mistake their black, wheeled, overhead-compartment-fitting bag (or their stars and stripes backpack) for someone else’s black, wheeled, overhead-compartment-fitting bag (or their stars and stripes backpack). Also available in a cool outer space version (a good way to commemorate the end of the US space shuttle program?)

What are some of the other opportunities July provides for you to reach out to clients, customers and others you’d like to remember your business or company?

Appropriately enough July is National Grilling Month and what better way to make your mark than on grill supplies. We’ve got everything from spatulas to bbq sauce. July is also National Family Reunion month. And let’s not forgot Roots and Branches Month. What? you ask. We initially thought this was a poetic reference to things growing in the earth, but no. This is Roots and Branches as in family trees, as in genealogy.

July is…
UV Safety Month. See the EPA’s sunwise page to learn more about ultra-violet rays and how to protect yourself from them. Armed with that information and a parasol (ok, it’s an umbrella but it works either way) your clients will be shaded and safe.

How about celebrating National Culinary Arts Month with your own herb seed packets or mini-planters? A gift that keeps giving as the seeds turn into plants and the plants into tasty herbs?
blondie, 1977
National Recreation and Parks Month: What better opportunity for supplying folks with sporty outdoor wear?

And last but not least, July is National Blondie and Debbie Harry month (who would have thunk it??). Walk down memory lane with Union City Blue.

Independence Day July 4
National Grilling Month
National Family Reunion Month
Roots and Branches Month
UV Safety Month
National Recreation and Parks Month
National Culinary Arts Month
National Blondie and Debbie Harry Month

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