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Calendar of Events: October

October is Self Promotion Month. It also happens to be Women’s Small Business Month. But even if you’re not a one-person operation or a woman-owned business, there plenty of monthly, weekly and daily observances on which to capitalize and promote your business, new product or project this month. There are several health-related observances: Health Literacy Month, Long Term Care Planning Month, National Chiropractic Month, National Dental Hygiene Month and National Physical Therapy Month. If health-related occasions don’t fit your company’s image and goals, what follows is a list of some other notable observances that could provide great opportunities to promote your business. And, of course, there’s always Halloween!

October 2nd – World Smile Day
October 4th – 10th National Work from Home Week
October 5th – World Habitat Day
October 5th – World Teacher’s Day
October 5th – 11th Customer Service Week
October 5th – 11th Financial Planning Week
October 11th – 17th International Credit Union Week
October 11th – 17th National Food Bank Week
October 16th – World Food Day

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