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Experience Unnecessary

Last week we mentioned how experience is everything when it comes to productivity in the workplace. Well, while riding the subway to work today, I looked up and saw an advertisement for Manhattan Mini Storage, a popular storage facility in New York City. The company is known for its clever, punchy subways ads, appealing to gays and even skewering Vice President Dick Cheney, and this one is no exception: “What’s more limited? Your close space or her experience?” it reads atop a photograph of what is clearly intended to look like Republican vice presidential candidate Governor Sarah Palin. The reason the ad caught my attention is because if Manhattan Mini Storage was a national company, it’s not likely they would have gone with this kind of partisan ad. New York is famously liberal and even the Republicans on Wall Street aren’t as socially conservative as Palin. The company knows this and isn’t afraid to step on the toes of the city’s few loyal Republicans in its quest to get the attention of its target audience: Manhattanites who scoff at the idea of Palin being a heartbeat away from the presidency and just don’t have enough space in the tiny studio apartments.

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