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USB 101: Packaging & Accessories

Once you’ve decided on what kind of USB flash drive to use for your promotional campaign and what content, if anything, you’re going to pre-load the drives with, it’s time to decide on packaging and accessories. Depending on the company and manufacturer with which you’re working, there are a variety of custom shapes and sizes to choose from and/or even create from scratch. You may opt to include an insert card, which could include information about the flash drive, your company, or product or announce a special promotion, new contact information or website. Keyrings and lanyards are also optional accessories you can add, often for free or at low cost. The final step, of course, is to decide how you’re going to package your flash drives. There is limitless number of options, including pouches, boxes, tin cans, wallets, and more!

Need some ideas or want to explore all of the available options for packaging and accessorizing your USB flash drives? Have a general question about USB flash drives? Contact us!

USB 101: Auto-Run

If you’re planning to pre-load custom-branded promotional USB flash drives with specially tailored content for your clients or customers, you might want to opt for flash drives that support a function called “Auto-Run.” Not all standard drives offer Auto-Run, but it’s especially useful and effective in getting your message and content across: When the user plugs in your flash drive into their computer, your presentation or other informational content will launch automatically. Many companies pre-load your data for you as well as set up the Auto-Run function. Auto-Run makes flash drives an even more useful and valuable marketing tool for your business. One thing to keep in mind, though, is that not all Auto-Run files will work on both PCs and Macs.

Have questions about the Auto-Run function or any other USB issue or promotional item? Branding Ideas is here to help!

USB 101: Security and Password Protection

One of the reasons USB flash drives make such great promotional items is because they’re reusable, small and lightweight, convenient and portable. You can load your promotional flash drives with tons of valuable information, images and other goodies for clients and prospective customers. The problem which promo items that are small and portable, however, is that they can easily get lost or misplaced. That means valuable company or personal information is vulnerable. There are several ways to protect yourself (and your clients):

1. Many files can be individually password-protected. If there’s a specific item on the drive you want to keep safe, arm it with a password using the software with which you created the file, like Microsoft Word or Excel.

2. You can split your drive into separate volumes and use software easily downloadable from the Internet to protect all of the information.

3. Buy flash drives that come equipped with password protection and/or data encryption.

If you need more information about protecting the integrity of the data and information you’re including in your promotional flash drives or to explore any of the three aforementioned options, let us know!

USB 101: Data Loading and Data Locking

USB drives are a fantastic way to promote your business, brand or project. They’re useful, re-usable, easy to ship and affordable–especially when purchased in bulk. Not only do USB drives provide an opportunity to showcase your logo or other information on the outside, but data loading allows you to pre-load the drives with specially tailored content. Include an auto-run link to your website, a video spot promoting a new product or line, a PDF with information about your company. It’s an eco-friendly distribution method and a great way to communicate with existing clients and new customers!

Data locking allows you to permanently store non-erasable content on USB drives. The remaining portion of the drive can be used like a normal flash drive, allowing the owner to upload their own files and content.

USB 101: Why Do Flash Drive Prices Fluctuate?

The average price for a USB flash drive is in a constant state of flux. Branding Ideas wanted to find out why. After doing some research and talking to some of our key suppliers, we discovered that the answer is quite simple: Prices fluctuate based on supply and demand. There are only a small handful of companies who manufacture flash memory chips. These memory chips are used in a variety of electronic devices, including computers, portable MP3 players, cell phones, and even medical equipment. And of course, USB drives. When a new product is being manufactured and put on the market for mass consumption, like Apple’s iPhone or iTouch, flash memory manufacturers are flooded with large orders and prices go up across the board. One of our partners even likened the flash drive market to the stock market. So why aren’t more electronic manufacturing companies getting in on the action? That’s a good question and one we’re pondering too. If we figure it out, you’ll be the first to know!

To find out current pricing and the latest branding options on USB drives today, drop us a line!

USB 101: Eco-Friendly Flash Drives

As we mentioned in our ECO Cheat Sheet last spring, eco-friendly promotional items are on the rise, and as USB flash drives become more and more popular, the need for eco-friendly drives is also increasing. But what are the things you should look for or ask about when searching for USB drives that aren’t harsh on the environment? Toxins like lead, mercury, cadium and other elements used in electronic components are harmful to the environment, so look for USB manufacturers who use lead-free solders, which decompose more easily and are often the same quality and price as standard drives. They also pose less of a health risk to factory workers who manufacture the drives. Contact Branding Ideas to find out what eco-friendly USB drives area available to meet your needs.