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What Is Sideways Advertising?

Sideways advertising is something you’re probably already familiar with and don’t even realize it. One of the oldest and most reliable forms of sideways advertising, which can basically be defined as anything other than traditional marketing for which you pay, are employees, partners and clients, even past customers, who pass on valuable information about your brand. In other words, grass-roots word-of-mouth by people who carry your company’s message. Another tried-and-true form of sideways advertising is philanthropic endeavors and community involvement, which is as simple as sponsoring an event that shares the values of you and your business. Doing something good can benefit the world and your bottom line. A new addition to the world of sideways advertising is online social networking. Websites like Facebook and Twitter, oft-mentioned in these pages, can help build your business’s image and overall branding. And cross-polinating between traditional marketing approaches and social networking is a great way to maximize both. About to launch a new traditional ad campaign? Tweet about it!