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Extreme Marketing

We’ve always encouraged people to think outside the box, and video game developer THQ has done just that. The company launched the latest installment in its popular first-person shooter game “Red Fraction,” titled “Red Fraction: Guerilla in London,” by taking the guerilla to the extreme. THQ’s promotions department placed 100 copies of the new game inside a parked car on a busy London street and allowed passers by to smash the windows with a sledgehammer and walk away with a free copy of the game. Simon Watts, THQ’s PR manager, explained: “Because ‘Red Faction Guerrilla’ features the world’s most realistic destruction engine, we thought that it would make for an interesting experiment to find out how many people, going about their everyday business, would stop in a busy city street to work out some stress by smashing their way into a car to earn a copy of the brand new game.” Makes complete sense, right? Either way, the extreme promotion seems to have worked, because we’re talking about it. What can your business do (that’s preferably a tiny bit safer!) to get people talking?