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Embroidered Patches: The Next Hot Fashion Trend

riri-cad2aae9-1f6a-44b5-8e0c-00cced36c202Remember embroidered patches? They’re having a moment in the fashion world, as celebs from Margot Robbie to Rihanna to Gigi Hadid are rocking them on everything from jeans to jackets to bags. This hot DIY trend is taking off among style-conscious fashionistas who want to express their creativity in a personalized way. This look is very easy to achieve with the clothes you already have—just place an embroidered patch on the garment of your choice, put a thin towel on top of it, and press down on it for 30 seconds with a hot iron. Voilà.

As the fall fashion season heats up, you can expect to see embroidered patches crop up on more celebrities and their fashion-forward followers. So what’s the story here? Why are they so popular now, and what’s up with the sudden popularity of patches? Here are some details we’ve noticed about the trend and why it’s a big deal right now:

  1. Embroidery has its origins in ancient China. As with many major cultural phenomena we take for granted today, China is where embroidery and a variety of other sewing and patching techniques were pioneered long ago. Embroidered decorations were originally used to identify royalty, and as the practice spread throughout the world, each culture developed its own unique and innovative patterns.
  2. Embroidered patches have roots in the military. Military clothing has long been a source of fashion inspiration. The bomber jacket and the pea coat are just two examples, but those cargo shorts we had such a controversy about a few weeks back also hail from our armed forces. Patches also have a long history of military use, often being used to identify one’s unit, division, or branch. And they have been a key element of American counterculture and individualistic expression too.
  3. Independent designers are creating some of the most popular designs. Individual designers are coming up with some of the most sought-after embroidered patches, selling out their entire stock in a matter of days thanks to pictures of their designs going viral on social media channels such as Instagram. Some of them are even finding, to their chagrin, that major retailers are releasing uncannily similar versions of their work in an attempt to capitalize on the trend.
  4. Even high-end designers are using embroidered patches. Not long ago, major fashion houses would undoubtedly have turned up their noses at the humble patch. But they have taken notice now—Gucci, Raf Simons, and OFF-WHITE c/o Virgil Abloh have all made use of it in their fashion lines. Their haute swag has been noticed on such celebrities as A$AP Rocky and 2 Chainz.

margot-b8d0ec5a-7032-4597-9cc7-bbee90e3de54It makes sense that embroidered patches have taken off now—they’re versatile, affordable, perfectly suited to the DIY culture of the moment, and they give each person an opportunity to express themselves in an entirely individualized way. They can be used to personalize any type of garment or accessory you can think of: caps, hats, t-shirts, jackets, tote bags, you name it. If you’re looking to tap into this trend, check out our selection of embroidered patches or, better yet, get in touch with us and we’d be happy to help you find exactly the right patch for your promotional needs.

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