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USB 101: Security and Password Protection

One of the reasons USB flash drives make such great promotional items is because they’re reusable, small and lightweight, convenient and portable. You can load your promotional flash drives with tons of valuable information, images and other goodies for clients and prospective customers. The problem which promo items that are small and portable, however, is that they can easily get lost or misplaced. That means valuable company or personal information is vulnerable. There are several ways to protect yourself (and your clients):

1. Many files can be individually password-protected. If there’s a specific item on the drive you want to keep safe, arm it with a password using the software with which you created the file, like Microsoft Word or Excel.

2. You can split your drive into separate volumes and use software easily downloadable from the Internet to protect all of the information.

3. Buy flash drives that come equipped with password protection and/or data encryption.

If you need more information about protecting the integrity of the data and information you’re including in your promotional flash drives or to explore any of the three aforementioned options, let us know!