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Minimalist Packaging

We stumbled across this study of using minimalism in a maximalist market. Of course, it’s just an exploratory exercise, but it meets design guru Dieter Rams’s 10th principle: good design is as little design as possible.” Now, if all branding was stripped down completely, it could make for a very unusable shelf experience. It might prove difficult to find a brand you like if all the containers were just a simple logo plastered on a single neutral color. But it’s interesting to see the layering of design elements that add visual complexity and, when done well, differentiate the packaging. One this is for sure, this approach meets design guru Dieter Rams A middle ground between the cluttered packaging we see today and what’s proposed here might be the answer. What do you think?

Making the Grade: EarBudeez Earbuds

Over the next couple of months, Branding Ideas is going to take a look at some new, recent, and vintage logos, branding and packaging and rate them on a scale from A to F. First up is EarBudeez’ new line of earbuds that are being cleverly marketed as “earbuds with big personalities.” With a variety of cute personalities created entirely via packaging, they’ll appeal to young music lovers – especially since the earbuds are the perfect size for little ears. These days technology is a lot like fashion, and EarBudeez’s obviously got their ear to the ground. Plus, they’re affordable! Our grade: B+

USB 101: Packaging & Accessories

Once you’ve decided on what kind of USB flash drive to use for your promotional campaign and what content, if anything, you’re going to pre-load the drives with, it’s time to decide on packaging and accessories. Depending on the company and manufacturer with which you’re working, there are a variety of custom shapes and sizes to choose from and/or even create from scratch. You may opt to include an insert card, which could include information about the flash drive, your company, or product or announce a special promotion, new contact information or website. Keyrings and lanyards are also optional accessories you can add, often for free or at low cost. The final step, of course, is to decide how you’re going to package your flash drives. There is limitless number of options, including pouches, boxes, tin cans, wallets, and more!

Need some ideas or want to explore all of the available options for packaging and accessorizing your USB flash drives? Have a general question about USB flash drives? Contact us!

It’s All in the Packaging

On the heels of Pepsi’s new makeover, Tropicana (which is owned by PepsiCo) unveiled their new packaging—a sleeker, simpler design that some have claimed looks generic or even “European.” The design certainly falls in line with the recent trends we noted in our last post, but there are other aspects of Tropicana’s new designs that have also caught Branding Ideas’ attention. The company’s website includes a new “Juice Finder” feature so that consumers can choose their preferred product and see what the new packaging looks like, ostensibly so that shoppers don’t have to spend too much time scratching their heads in the juice aisle. “No Pulp Original” has been changed to the more affirmative “Pulp Free” (which also brings to mind the common “Fat Free” label used on many food products), “Lots of Pulp Grovestand” is now “High Pulp,” and “No Pulp with Calcium and Vitamin D” is now the slightly more succinct “Pulp Free Calcium + Vitamin D,” etc. Consistency is vital to branding your product or business, and while Tropicana’s strategy and potentially confusing online translator feature might be raising eyebrows in supermarkets and boardrooms across the country (according to a New York Times piece, Tropicana has received so much negative feedback that they’re ditching the new style and returning to the old design), the company’s growing pains might have ultimately helped customers more easily distinguish individual products in their extensive juice line in the long term. Hopefully, the new-new designs will implement the much clearer color coding system introduced with the new, controversial packaging.

Experience Is Everything

Walk around Manhattan these days and you’re likely to run into one of many “green” sitting areas, where pedestrians can eat lunch, meet with friends or colleagues, or just sit and rest. On Earth Day last year, New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg announced PlaNYC, a plan to enhance the city’s urban environment by focusing on five key areas (land, air, water, energy and transportation) shaped by local members of the environmental, business, community and legislative communities. One aspect of the plan is to increase access to open spaces. PlaNYC also aims to create 800 new “greenstreets,” a citywide program launched back in 1996 by the Department of Parks & Recreation and the Department of Transportation to convert traffic islands and medians into green spaces.

This initiative is not only vital to the environment (the city hopes to decrease global warming emissions by 30%) but to the overall quality of life of New York City’s residents, employees and tourists. A more pleasant environment ultimately means happier workers and shoppers, and that leads to better business and a boost for the city’s economy. It makes us wonder what sprucing up the environment at work or in your home office could do for your bottom line. Chefs learned ages ago that presentation can actually make food taste better and marketing executives have long known that attractive packaging can make products more appealing to consumers, so why not enhance your work experience and the world by going green or increasing the comfort level in other ways? We’ll be brainstorming new ideas to help create a more enjoyable work environment and posting them right here, so check back regularly!