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Making the Grade: MTV’s New Logo

MTV’s iconic logo recently got a facelift – or a tummy tuck, to be more accurate. It’s been years since the MTV mother channel has played an entire music video, opting instead for trashy reality shows like Jersey Shore, and the slogan “Music Television” has become completely irrelevant. The new logo is more transparent, and slices off the bottom of the famous image, including the part that says “Music Television.” “Music is still at the center of so much of what we do, but we’ve really expanded what that means,” MTV general manager Stephen Friedman said in a statement that makes no sense. “It’s an updating that speaks to [our] audience in a much simpler, bolder way.” Branding Ideas thinks not. If you’re going to mess with something as iconic as the MTV brand, at least put some effort and creativity into it. The new logo is lazy and misguided. We give it a big fat D.