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Feel Good, Inc.

There seems to be a Jamba Juice popping up on almost as many corners as Starbucks. In recent weeks the smoothie chain has passed out thousands of prepaid Metro Cards for the New York City subway and tickets for the cable cars in San Francisco. They’ll be doing so in large cities across the country for next couple of months, and it’s all part of what the franchise is calling “Feel Good Moments.” The recession might be over, but people can certainly still use a good pick-me-up, and Jamba Juice is turning their good will into smart marketing. They’re giving away “Feel Good Bucks,” which customers can use toward purchases at any Jamba Juice location and could even win $10,000 in cash. Using street teams and a prominent online presence via Facebook and Twitter, Jamba Juice is maximizing its campaign by using all available platforms to reach new and existing customers. In what ways can you use a multi-platform strategy to make people feel good when they need it most while at the same time expanding your brand?