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The Brand of No Brand

no-logo-why-un-branded-luxury-goods A little while back, we covered a DIY fashion trend in which people were customizing their own garments with patches to add a little personal flair. It turns out there’s another trend going on in haute fashion circles: un-branded luxury products have now become chic and desirable to some consumers. Rather than wield their logo-splashed Louis Vuitton bags, these fashionistas are sporting luxury handbags that feature either a minimized logo or none at all. 

What to make of this phenomenon? Well, it does seem to indicate that some consumers are striving to express their own personal identity rather than channel it through a major label. Maybe it’s a way to express an even more exclusive affiliation—a sort of secret club or coveted entry into a fashion speakeasy, if you will, where it’s simply gauche to wave the signs of your success—your Coach bag and your Hermès scarf—in front of the have-nots.

It’s also possible that some of these same consumers place a higher premium on the quality of the product rather than the brand name or logo. This brings to mind the popularity of Muji, the popular minimalist Japanese company whose full name Mujirushi Ryohin literally means “no-brand quality goods.” As our ideas of branding change and become more sophisticated, how will this impact your branded your promotional items? We’re on it. Contact us for details.