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QR Codes: Boosting Online Traffic

Last month we introduced you to Quick Response codes, two-dimensional codes similar to bar codes that, when scanned by your mobile phone, send users a website or direct information about a product, company or individual. Sending users to an official website is one of the more obviously practical but incredibly effective ways to use QR codes. Imagine someone’s walking down the street and they see an ad or billboard promoting your product or business, or even an actual item for sale with a QR code prompting them to visit the official website for a special promotion. Rather than write down a web address and visit it later, which we all know is unlikely to happen, the consumer can gain access to all kinds of valuable information immediately, right at their fingertips. This is a great way to interact with current and prospective new customers in real-time!

TIP: Don’t simply direct customers to the main page of your website. Be creative, and link them to promotional giveaways, surveys, and detailed information that helps them better understand your brand.

Twitter Nation

In case you hadn’t noticed, Twitter is inescapable. Everyone from college students to “power moms,” who are described by Greta Weiner of the Internet marketing company GWDC LLC as “moms who are very busy, but want to keep up with what their kids are doing and keep up with the latest information,” are all atwitter. If your business is not already twittering, you should start. It’s a great way to stay in touch with existing clients and customers and an even better way to attract new ones. posted a great article yesterday on how to build your personal brand on Twitter. Twitter itself is an expanding business that, according to, is expected to grow three-fold by next year. Impressive numbers, to be sure. A post on the official Twitter blog yesterday, however, dismissed traditional web banner advertising: “The idea of taking money to run traditional banner ads on has always been low on our list of interesting ways to generate revenue.” Instead, the social media upstart is exploring ideas like “account authentication, management tools, and discovery mechanisms” that facilitate “connections between businesses and individuals in meaningful and relevant ways.” If you’re scratching your head and wondering what the savvy brains who came up with the pithy communication concept that has taken over the nation are talking about, they’re happy to tell you that they’ll “keep you posted” on the matter. Cute.