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Where Tweet Meets Seat

We stumbled across Chris McNicholl’s TweetingSeat at modern design site Design Milk. TweetingSeat is “an interactive park bench which is designed to explore the potential for connecting digital and physical communities.” The bench takes photos of its environment and users and uploads them to a live Twitter feed. McNicholl’s interactive installation encourages users to interact with other users and communities in a cool and novel way. It makes us wonder what other ways we can fuse digital and physical to promote brands and ideas.

Mariah Carey Sells Out

It’s no secret that the music industry has been struggling to boost profits amidst decreasing sales and a broader array of media for consumers to, well, consume. Island Def Jam, the music group whose artists include Mariah Carey, U2, the Killers, Kanye West and others, recently announced that will start integrating branded advertising in their artists’ CD booklets. The new model will launch with Mariah Carey’s upcoming album, Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel, due in stores at the end of the month. The album will include a 34-page mini-magazine filled with lifestyle ads sponsored and co-created by Elle Magazine along with the record label. Lyrics and other information about the album will presumably be mixed in with the ads, making for great brand visibility but not necessarily a very pleasant or easy-to-navigate user experience. If Island Def Jam is hoping this new business model will kill CD sales once and for all, they might be on to something. On the other hand, their primary interest appears to be making money, since there will also be a digital version of the booklet available when you purchase the album on iTunes and other digital sales outlets. With savvy consumers becoming increasingly aware of advertising and finding new ways to avoid it, this is just another example of companies coming up with ever more inventive means to make an impression.

Getting Consumers to Plug In

Advertisers are always seeking new and inventive ways to reach consumers. No longer is it enough to simply make a visual impression and hope that people will remember your product, movie or television show. Two years ago, Canadians encountered Pepsi ads on subway trains that allowed riders to plug their headphones into multimedia ports and listen to snippets of music. And now New York City subway riders will get to experience a similar interactive marketing campaign for HBO’s drama Big Love, which premieres next week on the premium cable network. Instead of music, though, passersby can plug into audio jacks to hear secrets about different characters on the show. Similar ads are also running in Los Angeles. Part of the reason behind the concept may be due in part to the fact that Big Love has been off the air for a year and a half. TV viewers can lose interest pretty fast and any reminder of a show’s characters, plot points or “secrets” could entince audiences to return for the new season. Interaction has always been key to mining a product’s target audience but in this fast-paced, gadget-driven new century, getting consumers to plug in is becoming more and more essential.