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Business Cards: Still a Valuable Networking Tool

photo credit: Walnut Studiolo ErinBerzelPhotography-4428 via photopin (license)

photo credit: Walnut Studiolo ErinBerzelPhotography-4428 via photopin (license)

The way we network and connect may have massively changed in the past few years thanks to an explosion of social networking tools and apps, all ready to help us collaborate with a single tap, but one staple of old business practices remains: the humble business card. A simple, elegant slip of paper featuring a person or business’ name, branding, and contact information is still a very common tool for making important business contacts and establishing potentially fruitful relationships.

Business cards have evolved in the last few years. On the one hand, there’s a nostalgia for the elegance of old. Lately we’ve noticed a trend in letter press business cards, which have a sophisticated, textured presentation. There are also a wide range of different sizes and formats, and special die cut shapes and effects like foil stamping, or super thick cards made possible with new printing technology.  On the other hand, business cards have also gone digital, and some of them offer digital engagement features like QR codes that you can scan with a smartphone to download contact info or visit a website.  There are also several apps out there to help you scan and organize the business cards you receive, some of which sync with popular cloud-based contact databases you may already use, and startups are busily creating apps that all hope to become the digital business card of the future.

If you’re looking to shake up how you make business contacts, drop us a line! We also create unique and memorable business cards, and we’re here to help.