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Repetition is key to imparting a good message, and promotional items that are usable, ones that your clients and customers will keep returning to, are the ones that carry the most bang for their buck. Economic indicators suggest that the recession is turning around, but most of us aren’t feeling it yet, which means being economical is still essential. Low-cost promotional items like pens, key chains, mouse pads and the like are safe, reliable and simple go-to options when you’re hard-pressed for ideas, but Branding Ideas is committed to coming up with new ways to promote your business or product in creative, useful and inexpensive ways. Our new favorite toy is the BMI (Body Mass Index) calculator wheel. At the risk of seeming like you’re telling your clients that they need to lose weight, it’s a great promotional item because it’s not the kind of item that will get tossed in a drawer or trash immediately.

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