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Getting Consumers to Plug In

Advertisers are always seeking new and inventive ways to reach consumers. No longer is it enough to simply make a visual impression and hope that people will remember your product, movie or television show. Two years ago, Canadians encountered Pepsi ads on subway trains that allowed riders to plug their headphones into multimedia ports and listen to snippets of music. And now New York City subway riders will get to experience a similar interactive marketing campaign for HBO’s drama Big Love, which premieres next week on the premium cable network. Instead of music, though, passersby can plug into audio jacks to hear secrets about different characters on the show. Similar ads are also running in Los Angeles. Part of the reason behind the concept may be due in part to the fact that Big Love has been off the air for a year and a half. TV viewers can lose interest pretty fast and any reminder of a show’s characters, plot points or “secrets” could entince audiences to return for the new season. Interaction has always been key to mining a product’s target audience but in this fast-paced, gadget-driven new century, getting consumers to plug in is becoming more and more essential.