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USB 101: Packaging & Accessories

Once you’ve decided on what kind of USB flash drive to use for your promotional campaign and what content, if anything, you’re going to pre-load the drives with, it’s time to decide on packaging and accessories. Depending on the company and manufacturer with which you’re working, there are a variety of custom shapes and sizes to choose from and/or even create from scratch. You may opt to include an insert card, which could include information about the flash drive, your company, or product or announce a special promotion, new contact information or website. Keyrings and lanyards are also optional accessories you can add, often for free or at low cost. The final step, of course, is to decide how you’re going to package your flash drives. There is limitless number of options, including pouches, boxes, tin cans, wallets, and more!

Need some ideas or want to explore all of the available options for packaging and accessorizing your USB flash drives? Have a general question about USB flash drives? Contact us!