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Three Things to Remember When Re-Branding

Your brand is constantly evolving, and every once in a while you make a big leap. All major businesses do it. Web sites do it. Even supermarkets do it. If you haven’t changed your logo, web site, product line, slogan or other vital component of your brand at some point or another, you’ve undoubtedly thought about it. Now might be the time. When re-branding, though, it’s important to remember three essential things:

1. Don’t just give your business a superficial makeover. Take note of current trends and new innovations in your industry and in the world at large, and also consider what your new or continuing goals are. These elements should all be taken into consideration when re-branding. Of course, don’t forget that YOU are your brand.

2. Plan ahead. Consider all aspects of your business before jumping into a brand redesign. Everything–logo, colors, mission statement, new products–should jibe with your new direction.

3. Remember your existing brand. You’re still in business, so you must be doing something right…right? Maintain key elements of your current brand in your re-branding campaign. Bringing in new customers is key, but try to do it without alienating your existing clients. Carefully consider what’s working and what’s not. Keep the things that are, and let the things that aren’t go.

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